Hidden Options


there are alot of options in different programs that are not typically hidden but we don't know about it because no one is going to read the manual of every program he uses and those options sometimes are sooooo useful

so i'm gonna list the things that i know and if u have some then u can share them


1-New Tab - Press The Wheel

when u r surfing the Internet and want to open a link in a new tab u can RMB and 'open in new tab' OR press 'Ctrl'  while clicking the link

but u can simply "Press the wheel" yes ,on the link and press the scroll wheel in ur mouse . .

Wheel mouse

2-Key Board Navigation - according to ur speed

when u are browsing a folder with soooooo many files and u want a specific one what do u do u can sort them by type or name and search with ur eyes


if u r more experienced u press the button of the first character of the file name

but what if there are so many files start with the same character u can write the full name of the file -ofcourse if u know it :D - or the first bunch of letters and explorer will select the file with the proper name but it will work only according to ur speed in typing .

3-cmd has auto complete !!!!

yep it has, just open it and press "Tab" or write "cd " and press "Tab" .

4-Safely Remove USB Device

every time u want to remove ur flash stick u RMB click on the icon in the system tray and Safely Remove Hardware -> Choose the device -> Stop but u can LMB on the tray icon and safely remove the device .


if u want ur flash memory then grab it out of the PC every PC i've seen is by default configured to remove flash memories without being stopped or ejected from the PC


thats what i can remember now

Pliz feal free to add :)

i didnt got the 3rd thing u siad about the cmd.... didnt get wat it will do... all ur tricks were seriously good..
when u open the windows cmd and u r in "C:/" if u want to navigate to folder "windows" u have to write "cd windows" OR u can write "cd " and keep pressing the "Tab" button till the "windows" folder name is written or u can write "cd w" and press tab and all the folder names in the current directory starting with "w" are displayed note: u can use the autocomplete after writing a portion of the folder path e.g "cd C:/Windows/s" and when u press tab it'll get u all the folder names inside the "Windows" Directory even if itis not ur working folder Thanx :)