Network Scanner

this program scans the current network for all the PCs in it

it's non-commercial neither a product :)

it's just a sort of proof of concept & small utility software it requires .NET Framework 2

Main Window:

Japs Network Scanner

Japs Network Scanner


1-IP : This place where my Network IP is loaded OR u can write down any IP from the network u want to scan

2-Time VS Proccessor slider :  where u can configure the program to favour time or proccessor consumption during the scan

3-The Two Green balls : the left and the right balls indicate that the connections to the gateway and the internet is working properly else they'll turn Red

4-Stop NetCut checkbox : Obvious from it's name :) just check it and watch the balls ( not working with all netCutters )

5-IP From The Network :

a) PC Name : Just write the name of the PC and press Load IP and if the PC exists and is live in the network it's IP will be loaded in the IP area ( u can write a site name either )

b) Load My IP : press it and it will reload u'r Network IP in the IP area Personally i used it to search my ISP's Network and get another DNS when the one i'm using falls :D but that was before i use OPEN DNS :D Just write ur DNS's IP in the IP area and press scan it will get u all the PC's in ur ISP's Network like that

i liked that so much :P wanna more ? in the PC Name write "" -without quotes- then press Load IP and Scan :D

enjoy counting their macheins please feel free to download it form my box and try it ->

and if u have any comments u r welcome to post it but i'm not sure that i'll be time-free to edit the program :)

cool .. that "anti-netcut" thing seems interesting .. how did you implement that ? or is it a secret ;) ?
loooooool no not a secret :D as every device on the network has a physical address (MAC address) in addition to it's IP that is stored in ur PC every IP to the corresponding MAC address in a table called ARP table and this table is built as a cache to not request the MAC address every time i negotiate with an IP so the NetCut software sends false MAC addresses to ur PC every x seconds so when u send requests to the gateway the requests are send to that false physical address so my Anti NetCut just keep performing a command "arp -d" which empty the ARP table so it is reconstructed with the right addresses then i perform the request with the right gateway there is another solution that is to set the MAC address of the gateway manually as a static entry in the ARP table (Cant be modified by outer requests) but that didn't work i don't know why that command is "arp -s xx.xx.xx.xx yy.yy.yy.yy zz.zz.zz.zz" where the Xs are the IP (Gateway's), the IP is it's MAC address and Zs is ur IP in that network Thats it :D
[...] remember that one of the reasons i made the Network Scanner was for [...]
zy elfol
wow it is very good programme
Thanx God u liked it :)